Tax Treatment

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Notice of U.S. Federal Income Tax Treatment of Unit Distributions

Dynagas LNG Partners L.P. (the "Partnership") has taken the position that a portion of the cash distributions made to its preferred unit holders in 2023 are return of capital distributions, rather than taxable dividends, for US federal income tax reporting purposes. Please be advised that while the Partnership operates in the form of a limited partnership, it has made appropriate elections with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service to be classified as a corporation for U.S. federal income tax purposes. If the return of capital distribution exceeds your basis in the shares, you may have to recognize capital gain.

Accordingly, the Partnership's investors will receive IRS Form 1099s, if required, rather than Schedule K-1s. If you are a U.S. unitholder and you have not received a Form 1099 (or, received one that does not properly reflect the necessary information regarding the distributions), you should contact your broker or your tax advisor. All unitholders are encouraged to consult their own tax advisors to determine the appropriate tax treatment of the distributions.

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