Strong counter parts:
We seek to grow our fleet and continue to employ our vessels on multi-year time charters with international energy companies that provide us with the benefits of stable cash flows and high utilization rates.

Strong Growth:
We believe our Sponsor¬Ęs (Dynagas Holding Ltd) and our Manager¬Ęs (Dynagas Ltd) industry reputation and relationships position us well to further expand our fleet to meet the growing demand for LNG shipping. We intend to leverage the relationships that we, our Sponsor and our Manager have with a number of major energy companies including beyond our current customer base and explore relationships with other leading energy companies, with an aim to supporting their growth programs.

Highly flexible fleet:
In addition to conventional LNG Shipping we aim to continue to focus on a fleet that is optimized for trading flexibility and including areas/routes that are located in sub-zero or in ice bound areas.

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